Web Design Contest For Tunisian NGOs

The team at KEN (Khadra Environmental News) have launched a web design contest for Tunisian youth who are web design amateurs or professionals with less than two years of experience.

The idea is to get these web designers in touch with Tunisian NGOs in order to help them create official websites and successful online presences to promote their services and projects.

The resulting websites will be evaluated by an evaluation committee (50%) and voted upon by the public (50%); the winner will receive a 500TD Award, and the first runner up a 250TD award.

For more information on how to participate in the contest, the conditions and the participation form go to KEN’s detail page (FR).
Candidates have to get their participation forms sent in before October 16th.

I think this is a brilliant idea and a great way to help Tunisian NGOs, that don’t have big budgets to spend on communication, to build an online presence for themselves and promote their activities and projects, and also a way to encourage amateur and junior web designers to take their passion one step further.

It’s a very exciting project and I’m happy to be involved with it as a member of the evaluation committee.

Please spread the word and tell anyone you think might be interested in participating in this contest.

[More details: KEN (Khadra Environmental News) (FR)]

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