Miami Vice

A couple of days ago, I watched “Miami Vice” upon the recommendation of my friend, the owner of the rental store, who said he enjoyed it a lot. The movie features Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx, and is written and directed by Michael Mann.

After seeing it, this is one movie on which I agree with the movie critics who gave it a hard time. It has almost nothing to do with the 80’s series, other than the names of the series, the city and the main characters; it feels like it goes nowhere, and it’s quite boring for an action movie.

That doesn’t mean this movie isn’t well made, on the contrary, it’s got all the cinematic magic we’ve gotten used to from Michael Mann, but that alone wasn’t enough to carry this movie.

Personally, I didn’t really enjoy this movie as much as I wished to, and I would only recommend it if there was nothing else better to see from this genre left.

My score for it is: 4/10.

Still, if you’re interested, you can but the “Miam Vice (Unrated Director’s Cut)” DVD here.

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