Eid Mubarak

This is a bit late, but well better late than never as they say, Eid Mubarak to everyone, I hope you all had a great eid, that God blesses you all and that you’ll all be well and happy for many Ramadans and eids to come.

The way we spent our eid wasn’t much different than usual in the things we did, but very different in how it felt and in the meaning of it.
This year our son Adam was with us, and so it was our little family going out together to visit the close family and wish them a happy eid.
It felt really great and was a very special eid for us.

Having him with us also introduced us to another funny, amusing and weird belief that if a baby goes into someone’s house (for the first time or in the eid, depending on the version), and he/she is not given money, then mice will come out in that household.
Go figure where they came up with that from, but well it’s nice when your son is on the receiving end of it.

Anyway, again, happy eid to you all from our little family 🙂 I wish you all the very best.

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