Common Sounds In A Programming Environment

This is a list of the most common sounds you’ll hear from a bunch of developers in a programming environment with a little explanation of each sound.

“Aaaaaah!”: Someone finally found the dumb reason why something was acting weird.

“Hmmmm”: A new thing to solve, a new programming challenge. Good.

“Grrrrrrr!”: A new bug has just been reported by Mr. Stick-up-his-ass QA guy.

“Huh??!” or “What the …!!!”: Something weird/unexpected just happened. No need to be alarmed yet.

“Bang!” (on keyboard or desk) or sudden swearing: PC crashed before the developer got to save his work, or something of that caliber.

“Zzzzzzz”: Someone just fell asleep on his keyboard.

“Oops!”: Nothing big, a minor manipulation error, something small deleted or the like.

“Oh Shit!”: Quite a big error, but something that will eventually pass, most of the times.

Sudden silence (coupled with a slightly detectable shaking of the hands and small streams of cold sweat): Really big screwup, time to panic and start looking for a job.

Machine gun sound: Run! One of the developers’ stress level most probably maxed out, and he’s on a de-stress killing spree.

These are the sounds that came to mind while writing this, I’m sure there are others I forgot to mention, if you remember any other ones, you’re welcome to add them in the comments section.

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