BMW’s First Hydrogen Cars In 2007

More cleaner energy efforts, this time from BMW…

German automaker BMW said that it would begin distributing the world’s first hydrogen-burning cars to selected users in the U.S. and Europe next year.

The cars are 7-Series sedans powered by 12-cylinder internal-combustion engines capable of burning gasoline or liquefied hydrogen.

BMW, which has been working on hydrogen fuel technology since 1978, will build and distribute about 100 of the vehicles for a variety of uses.

Users, who would not be charged for the cars, could include politicians, celebrities, drivers in corporate fleets and members of the public. Some would receive the cars for prolonged periods, others for short test drives.

General Motors Corp. and other big carmakers are working on fuel-cell vehicles that would use hydrogen in an electrochemical process to produce electricity to power a motor.
Ford Motor Co. and Japanese affiliate Mazda Motor Corp. also are working to develop internal-combustion engines that run on hydrogen.

[Source: LA Times]

I wonder if I’ll qualify to get one of those cars to test and play around with…
I mean wouldn’t they need some real world information from at least one person from the Africa and Middle East region, someone like me for example?

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