A Week Of Fatherhood

It’s been a week since my baby son was born, and I’ve pretty much taken a break from everything in this world but him, which explains the lack of blog entries recently.

First of all, I’d like to thank everybody who took the time to either leave a comment on the blog, call, email or chat on IM to congratulate Eman and me on the birth of our baby boy. We both truly appreciate your wishes and thank you greatly.

The mother and son are doing really good, thank God. As for me I’m great, I’m still as excited and ecstatic about this as I was on day one, if not more.
And even though I guess the reality that I’m now a dad hasn’t entirely settled in, I do have a strong sense of how much our lives have changed and will change because of this.

Maybe the most obvious and immediate one of these changes is the fact that we no longer sleep at night. It seems our little Adam is a night person, he spends all day asleep, and wakes up at night with a bunch of plans for us.
The first days after the birth were basically non-stop continuous sleepless marathons for us, until we started using every second of sleep time he gave us during the day time, so yeah, he’s laying out the rules already.

An amazing fact though is how I could just sit there for countless hours just watching him, more like admiring him, adoring him, worshipping him; I can never quite get enough. And when I’m out for even a short while, I miss seeing him and being next to him, and I rush home as soon as I possibly can.

A number of my friends are still under shock and can’t believe that I’m a father, in fact they can’t even imagine it, I can’t say I don’t understand them, but well I’ll be doing everything to be the greatest dad ever and to give this kid the best the world has to offer.

I’ve received some requests for photos of the baby, and they will be coming soon, but no way before Suri Cruise goes public; In our case, at least, there is proof that Adam exists from the photo in the previous post.

Adam’s blog is under construction too, it’s where we’ll mostly be posting news, photos and stuff about him as he grows up.
So no worries to those who were afraid this blog would become all about the baby, even though some special events will eventually spill over onto here from time to time.

So from today, even though my baby boy and spending time with him is always my first priority, we should be going back to regular programming over here. Stay tuned.

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