Nabaztag: The Smart WiFi Bunny

wifibunny.jpgFrench company Violet has released a cool Wi-Fi Bunny by the name of Nabaztag, which means rabbit in Armenian.

The plastic bunny, which stands 23 cm tall and has a white cone-like body that lights up when it speaks, with ears like TV antennae can read out e-mails, mobile phone text messages and news, tell children to go to bed, wake you up alert one to how the stock market is doing, provide weather reports, give traffic updates and tell you about air quality in your city by receiving Internet feeds via a wireless Wi-Fi network.

Nabaztag costs 115 euros in France, 80 pounds in Britain and $150 in the United States. It is made in Shenzhen, China.

I think it’s a pretty cute, cool and interesting gadget with really nice features and capabilities.
I didn’t come across these when I was in Paris last march or I might have been lured into buying one.

For more details about the bunny, check out this review at : Come Across.

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