Who Started?

“We could have withdrawn from Gaza through negotiations and coordination, while strengthening the existing Palestinian leadership, but we refused to do so. And now, we complain about ‘a lack of leadership?’ We did everything we could to undermine their society and leadership, making sure as much as possible that the disengagement would not be a new chapter in our relationship with the neighboring nation, and now we are amazed by the violence and hatred that we sowed with our own hands.”

Gideon Levy
Who Started? (Ha’aretz)
July 15, 2006

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7 thoughts on “Who Started?”

  1. It is sad to see that the Israelis are killing so many innocent people in the name of Americns. How many more thousands must they kill before we as Americans speak out against a war that is being fought in the name of what the Israelis call terrorism which is a farce. They started this but as usual they do not take responsibiity for anything they do. They always blame someone else and claim to be innocent. It is shameful that our government supports these people who do such horrible things!!!

    As I understand it the people now running Israel were once terriorists themselves and all these many years they continue to kill innocent people. It seems to me Israel does not want the peace. They want war and want to kill innocent people. God will punish them with a plague and with illness and with suffering because that is the seed they are planting.

    Our government is supporting this situation with money we need for our own people. We have no affordable medical care, and our children are saddled with debt for a college degree and can hardly afford a place to live even with the expensive degree. Yet our government has money for these rogue people who want our sympathy. Well I’m sorry I have none to give. Do not kill people and tell me you are protecting me because your actions are clearly endangering the lives of my children and those of my neighbors.

    So I sy to Israel — STOP THE KILLING AND STOP THE LYING !!!!!

    A Grandmother

  2. Yasmin you are right !! it is good to see that at least one Israeli has the guts to tell the truth and speak out.

    shame on you Jen — I can see you are not interested in the truth or in fairness. That is shameful.


  3. I just want to step up in defense of Jen’s comment, which I agree with, because it is wrong to generalize that way. Even if there are many Israeli voices lying, making up stories and rooting for war, there are a number of Israelis, less for sure, but nevertheless existant, who want peace and speak the truth.

  4. Shame on me?! You don’t even have a CLUE as to where I stand on this war, my opinions on Israeli politics, my disgust in the amount of money we (America) are pouring into Israel, nor where I stand on the US’s current state! How dare you infer so much on one comment!

    If you’re going to preach to me about Israel being a bully, you’re preaching to the choir. Tell me something I don’t already know.

    And don’t even get me started about where I think America’s money should be going! Let’s just say that I have a HUGE student loan that I’m still paying off, living in Silicon Valley, and paying for my own health insurance.

    Still confused as to where I stand with Israel? Let’s put it this way, GRANDMOTHER, I voted for Nader last election. That’s where I stand with them.

  5. Oh, and another thing! I still defend my comment about Yasmin’s generalization. We live in a civilized society and should know better than to generalize over an entire nationality. Even if their opinions differ from ours, does not imply they are liars. I found the comment to be very hateful and so I simply said I did not like it at all. I’ve been on this blog long enough to know that comments like that does not bring understanding, but only promotes anger, and will divide us all even more. I hope you’re not teaching your grandkids that it’s okay to generalize like that. Otherwise, I fear for my children having to deal with them.

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