On The Verge Of War

Over these past couple of days, I’ve been following the news coming out of the Middle East, and it just makes me more and more dissapointed in mankind and in this world we’re living in today.

We’re on the verge of a war, if it hasn’t already started; rockets, bombs, sieges, people dying, lives ruined, buildings up in flames, ashes of what was; a sick appetite for destruction that is never satisfied.

Media on both sides spinning off stories, biased to this side or the other, propaganda and hot air; the truth as always gets lost in between, just like the innocent lives it concerns.
In a few days nobody will remember why all this started, but the death and destruction will continue.

Irresponsible speeches, stupid actions and unrealistic decisions taken by incompetent people who shouldn’t be making them, pulling the region and the world deeper into chaos and darkness.

So called super powers pouring gasoline onto the fire, spreading it for their own filthy reasons and well-known hidden agendas, planning to further dominate the world through their unfairness and empty arrogance.

The world watches on, another story unfolds, as if in a fairy tale in a land far and way, in a time that is not ours; yet it’s close, it’s around the corner, it’s real, as real as the smoke and fire devouring lives, as true as the blood of the innocent being murdered; Still the world watches without a reaction.

We’re on the verge of yet another war in this world of wars; it’s not the first and it’s certainly not the last; peace stands no chance with the likes of men who rule the world today; God save us all.

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