Michel Camilo – One More Once

These past days I’ve been listening to this album “One More Once” by Michel Camilo non stop in the car, it’s just amazing.

I got the cd a few days ago, after the guy I rent DVDs from gave me a taste of his music, and I was hooked right away. This album actually dates back to 1994, but has a fresh feeling to it that makes it as delightful to listen to now as I imagine it was back when it came out.

Michel Camilo is a pianist and composer from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. His music is a great mixture of jazz, latin and classical music, and his technical ability as a pianist is just amazing.
He’s also a music producer, and has won several awards, including Grammy, Latin Grammy and Emmy awards.

I can’t wait to get my hands on more of his albums to enjoy more and more of his cool and refreshing music.
I definitely recommend checking his music out, it’ll lift you up and take you through a beautiful ride in the magical world of good music.

I’d like to thank my friend Tarek from the DVD store for introducing me to this great musician, and would also like to send a big hi to my friend Mite from the Dominican Republic.

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