Human Unsatisfaction And Contradiction

People living in the city want to move to the country side, and people living in the country side want to move to the city…

People in their home countries want to emigrate, and people abroad want to come back.

Young people want to grow up, and old people want to be young again.

Working people want to retire, and retired people want to go back to work again.

And the list goes on…

It seems like unsatisfaction rests at the core of every human being’s existence. We’re almost never happy with what we have or where we are in life, we’re always creating something in our minds that we believe is better, even if it contradicts with an earlier belief, and even thought we’ve already been there and done it; we keep going on and on and on.
I wonder if that is what actually drives us in life, keeps us going and keeps up feeling this fake sense of purpose.

If you think of it more though, it also means that we don’t know what we want in life. It’s as if we blindly, randomly, almost madly steer our way through life, not knowing where we want to get to, emotionally moving back and forth between thoughts and wishes, and getting ourselves confused by our contradictions.

But, as “intelligent” human beings, shouldn’t we be able to determine what we want exactly out of life, and be able to plan a path to get there, and then be happy about it once we’ve gone through with it?

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