Double Standards…

All day long we’ve basically been hearing nothing but the news about the four UN observers who were killed in Southern Lebanon by an Israeli strike and how everyone condemns it.
The world was shaken today for four people…

Yet for days tens and hundreds of our brothers in Lebanon and Palestine have been bombed and killed, and basically no one cares or even gives it a second thought…
In fact, no occasion is spared by this country or that to try and justify the brutality taking place or give Israel the full right to all it’s doing…

It seems the value of an Arab person’s life continues to decline in the world’s stock exchange…
Even in murder and death, there are double standards…

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Mohamed Marwen Meddah is a web development director, amateur photographer and web enthusiast from Tunisia, currently living in Canada.

4 thoughts on “Double Standards…”

  1. MMM, personally, I’m getting tired of hearing all the political analyses by our “thinkers”.. No action, simply talk and more talk.. Here in the US, they chose to not worry about the “other side”. We see the poor Israelis having to snack and play with their kids in the nice comfie shelters.. how sad for them.. they show us the deserted playgrounds out there they had been unable to visit, due to the blood-thirsty Hizbollah people.. sickening..
    –Any demonstrations in Tunisia, by the way?just curious or anywhere in the Arab World?.. I know in Turkey they had a few.

  2. Medusa, yes I know how that is, all the western media seems to show is the poor Israelis who were forced to run out of homes and land that were not theirs to begin with, ignoring the hundreds of Palestinians and Lebanese who are being killed and having their lives wrecked.

    As for demonstrations, yes there were demonstrations here in Tunisia in support of Lebanon and Palestine on July 24th.

    I think there were some in some other Arab countries, but not too sure about the details.

  3. Gabriel, I read the article, and I think it’s pretty much a bunch of biased nonsense propaganda, as usual trying to make Israel out to be the victim, when it is in fact the criminal.
    Israel is a terrorist state and just looking at the facts and the events of the region over the past decades clearly shows that.
    I’m sorry to say that if you think that article represents any bit of truth, you are very mistaken.

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