BillQ: Track Your Bills Online

billQ logoI just came across a neat new web2.0 app called billQ that enables you to track your bills online, through a cool ajax based interface.

I took it for a small spin, and I like it’s simplicity and it’s user friendly interface, pretty straight forward and to the point, as most new web apps are becoming, which is great.

The way it works is that you basically add bills to your account, can organize them by group, and then receive notification of upcoming payments you have to make by email or sms.
It also handles bills involving multiple people, by assigning a payment amount for a number of persons of a group, who get logins of their own, so they can check that they have paid their part.

Ideas, suggestions or stuff that I think could be added include:

– The bill repeat date only offers the options: daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. But the thing is that we sometimes have bills on other schedules like quarterly, or every “x” months. It would be cool if those would be taken into consideration.

– An amount for the bill has to be entered. But the thing is that sometimes you know you have a certain bill that comes every quarter or so, but you don’t know how much each bill’s value will be, but still you’d like to be reminded it’s coming.

– This would probably take it a bit into the money management software turf, but a few reports on how much a person is spending on bills, by payee and by group, could be very interesting.

– I know I’m being a bit picky with this one, but it’d be nice to be able to change the currency from the settings.

Anyway, overall, it’s a really nice and useful tool, worth checking out.

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