Three Years Of Subzero Blue

Three years ago, on a day just like today, unbearable heat wave included, I wrote my first entry in the blog that was to become Subzero Blue.

Before that, I had played around with and tested several blog platforms, posting a few random entries, but not knowing what to make out of the whole blogging thingie and what particular subject I wanted to blog about.
It wasn’t until June 29th 2003 that I committed to a blog and said that I would start writing on it and just go with the flow of what I feel like writing about at the moment.

It started out on blogspot, and then was generously hosted by Houssein (Thanks always), and then I got it a hosting account of it’s own.

When I started blogging, the blog was more of a place for me to make fun of life and the world around me, somewhere I could be sarcastic about it all. Then at some period of time it became a bit like a diary detailing my everyday life. After that I started adding more and more topics and discussing more and more issues and well here I am today talking about a variety of things from world news to music to technology to cinema to life to Tunisia, and more.

As for the blog’s design, it has evolved over the years, from a crappy default template on Blogger or Movable Type, to this design that I keep tweaking lightly here and there, every now and then. It feels really comfortable for me, and even though I get urges to have a full re-design sometimes, I’m not sure I’ll ever really do it anytime soon.

I never expected the blog would have the success it had or that I would end up meeting so many interesting people through it, being interviewed by mainstream media, attending the World Summit on Information Society, taking part in the Global Voices Summit and more.
It’s just all so overwhelmingly amazing…

So what next?
I don’t know really. I don’t know how much longer this will last or what other directions it will go into.
Blogging isn’t a means to an end for me; I don’t blog because I want to get somewhere, I blog because I feel like it and because it makes me feel better.
So all I know is that I’ll keep going with the flow of ideas in my head, and that I will keep on blogging as long as I still feel passionate about it all.

I would like to truly thank the readers and commentors of this blog for sharing this experience with me and enriching it. Your support is much appreciated. You rock.

Looking forward to another year of Subzero Blue…

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