How To Be Good (Nick Hornby)

In the halftime of the England-Sweden match last night, I finished reading “How To Be Good” by Nick Hornby.
I’m quite a fan of Nick Hornby and his style of writing. I also really like the movie adaptations of his books.
Thanks to my friend Sleepless Jojo for lending me this book.

I’m going to quote some of the Amazon review on this one because it basically says all I have to say about the book’s story.

How to Be Good, Katie Carr is certainly trying to be. That’s why she became a GP. That’s why she cares about Third World debt and homelessness, and struggles to raise her children with a conscience. It’s also why she puts up with her husband David, the self-styled Angriest Man in Holloway.

But one fateful day, she finds herself in a Leeds parking lot, having just slept with another man. What Katie doesn’t yet realize is that her fall from grace is just the first step on a spiritual journey more torturous than the interstate at rush hour. Because, prompted by his wife’s actions, David is about to stop being angry. He’s about to become good–not politically correct, organic-food-eating good, but good in the fashion of the Gospels.

Back to what I think, well I really liked the book, very enjoyable just like Nick’s other books and very humourous.
This book also makes you think about “good” and “bad” and what lies in between, and where the line should be drawn between being a saint and your personal life.

I recommend this book as well as almost every other book by Nick Hornby. And as we’re on the subject, I also recommend watching the movie “High Fidelity” and “About A Boy” that are based on two of his bestselling novels.

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