How Do You Deal With Stress?

People have different ways of dealing with the stress in their lives:

– Some suck it all in and let it eat away at them from the inside.
– Some bang on tables or whatever surfaces they find near to them.
– Some break things they find lying around them, glass objects are a favourite.
– Some shout their lungs out, obscenities galore.
– Some bang their heads on a wall.
– Some start a fight with the first person that crosses their path.
– Some rush for the fridge and have all they can eat.
– Some unleash it through sex or masturbation.
– Some do Yoga or meditation.
– Some pray and go all spiritual.
– Some go to anger management.
– Some go on a psychotic killing spree.
– Some pull out hair from their heads, eyebrows or elsewhere.
– Some run away from their lives, go to a far away village and become fishermen.

And some just don’t do anything about it and have a nervous breakdown.

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