Al Zarqawi Character Killed Off

The news everywhere today is about the killing of Abu Musab Al Zarqawi through a joint US-Jordanian operation last night.

Good riddance, of course. This guy was responsible for many innocent deaths in Iraq and elsewhere, and it’s only fair and good to the world for him to go like this.

This doesn’t mean the terrorism and attacks will come to an end anytime soon, but well, it’s one mad leader less to worry about.

But still, I don’t know why all this sometimes feels like one big soap opera, I’m sure the conspiracy theorists will agree. It’s as if all these names are characters in a very long series.

Bin Laden was the lead character for a while, but then things didn’t go that well between him and the producers of the soap, they fired him but he kept coming to the studio, so the director gave him a secondary role with guest appearances.
Al Zawahiri tried to take the lead role, but was cursed with a sticky sidekick role, and remained a secondary character throughout it all.

Al Zarqawi came out as a favorite and won the lead role, but then he started experimenting with the character, and artistic differences occurred between him and the director, so they chose to kill off his character.
I wonder who’ll be the replacement in the next season of the soap.

I know this is not an issue to joke about, and I’m not really joking, it’s just a reflection of the conspiracy theory I’ve heard a lot of people think aloud about.

A lot of people think these characters are just actors in a big play. Sometimes I think they’re just overdoing it, and sometimes I start to think “what if…?”

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