The 5 Rules Of Telling A Joke

I truly believe that over 50% of what makes people laugh at a joke is how it’s told, and I’m sure most of us have witnessed a really hilarious joke reduced to a failure by someone who didn’t know how to tell it well.

These are just ideas of rules I think should be respected when telling a joke.

1. Make sure you know the joke well enough to tell it. Stopping in the middle of the joke to remember the rest just screws the whole thing up.

2. Keep it short. People’s joke attention span is very short, stretching it out for them makes them lose interest and ruins the effect of the joke.

3. Choose the right voice tone. Depending on the joke, you should slightly change the tone of your voice when you’re telling it to accentuate it.

4. Choose your words. Some words reflect “funny”, some just don’t.

5. Don’t tell it like you’re talking about a documentary. Be upbeat, into it and know how to carry the joke.

Now, tell me a good joke…

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