If Tomorrow Never Comes…

One of the songs that really touched me when I first heard it some years ago was “If Tomorrow Never Comes” by Garth Brooks, covered by a number of others too.
It’s a love song in which the singer asks “If tomorrow never comes will she know how much I loved her?”

But the song didn’t make me think of that only, I mean of course it got me thinking about whether I showed my feelings enough for the one I love, but it also got me thinking about a bunch of other things.

It got me asking myself the question: What if tomorrow really never comes…?!
Which leads to yet more questions, I’d be asking myself if that happened, like:
What is it that I wanted to make out of my life but never got to make?
What is it that I wanted to do but never got to do?
What is it that I wanted to say but never got to say?
Where is it that I wanted to go but never got to go?
Who are the people I cared for but never got around to showing my feelings for?
And the endless list goes on…

We always get too carried away with life to stop and think that it could all end so suddenly, and that there might be no tomorrow, that those things we’ve been putting off till next week, or the month after, or maybe a couple of years into the future could possibly never come true.
Even though we know we’re mortals, we often forget it and plan as if we’ll be around forever and we’ll have all the time to do everything we want, say everything we want, express our feelings for everyone we want, …etc.
But that’s not true… And we know it…

So I guess what we should do is to follow the wise quote that tells us not to put off today’s work to tomorrow.
If there is someone we want to say something to, we might as well do it today; if there’s someone we want to hug, we might as well do it today; if there’s someone we want to confess our love to, we might as well do it today; if there’s something we want to do, we might as well set a plan for it in motion today; if there’s somewhere we want to go, we might as well start planning for a trip there as soon as possible; … etc etc etc

Good luck with your lists…

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