Egyptian Blogger Arrested; Free Alaa

Egyptian Blogger Alaa Abdel Fatah has been arrested alongside 10 others while peacefully demonstrating in support of the independence of the Judiciary in Egypt and the release of previous demonstrators who were detained 2 weeks earlier.

Alaa and those arrested with him are now arrested for 15 days “pending investigation”, which could be renewed indefinitely if the state so wishes.

Currently there are about 48 detained, 6 of them are bloggers, and 3 of them are women.

Being the most famous of the captured bloggers, a ‘Free Alaa‘ campaign has been started to amount pressure to release Alaa and those with him.

Supporters of the campaign have also launched a Google bombing campaign by linking the word Egypt to the Free Alaa campaign, in order to raise awareness of the issue internationally.

For more information and ways to help, check out the Free Alaa Campaign.

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