10 Steps You Can Take To Guarantee Failure

Most of the times when we have a certain project in our heads, and it fails, whether it be something related to work or to our personal lives, it’s because we did something wrong along the way.

The internet and bookstores are full of websites and books telling you how to succeed, but the following is a list of 10 steps that will guarantee the failure of any project in your life:

1. Make your goals vague
2. Make your goals difficult to visualize
3. Think and speak negatively about your goals
4. Avoid planning incremental steps
5. Don’t Do – Talk
6. Wait until you are motivated
7. Don’t set a date
8. List why it’s impossible
9. Don’t research your goal
10. Think of anything except your goal

For the list, with more details about each point, go here.

Avoid those 10 points and you should have a good chance of making your project work out.

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