Tunis 94th Among World Cities for Quality of Life

So it turns out that Tunis is ranked 94th in the world wide index for quality of life.
That’s down one spot from last year, although it’s index score is the same at 82.2. It seems someone jumped a spot ahead of us or something.

The two leading cities in the quality of life index are Zurich and Geneva in Switzerland.

The only Arab cities ahead of Tunis are Dubai at the 85th place and Abu Dhabi at the 92nd.

The lowest ranking city is Baghdad at the 215th spot.

The analysis is part of Mercer’s annual World-wide Quality of Living
Survey, covering more than 350 cities, to help governments and
multinational companies place employees on international assignments. Each
city is based on an evaluation of 39 criteria, including political, social,
economic and environmental factors, personal safety and health, education,
transport and other public services. Cities are ranked against New York as
the base city, which has an index score of 100.

For the full list and more details, go to: World-wide Quality of Living Survey

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