‘Crazy’ Single, No. 1 Solely Through Downloads

“Crazy” by U.S. duo Gnarls Barkley sat atop the British singles chart Monday — the first track to reach No. 1 based solely on computer download sales.

The single by the pseudonymous Barkley — U.S. producer Danger Mouse and hip-hop artist Cee-Lo — went on sale in record stores Monday. But it had already sold 31,000 copies through the Internet, making it the previous week’s best-selling track.

I think that’s cool…
This is a very important point in the history of online music distribution, showing how much it is maturing as a medium.

I wonder how far away we are from when a movie will hit the No. 1 spot based solely on downloads. It will take a lot of fat broadband connections, but nevertheless it’s possible.

[Source: CNN]

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