Angelina Jolie is Buying Ethiopia

So Angelina Jolie is buying her own country to help impoverished Africans. The ‘Tomb Raider’ star, who is currently pregnant with boyfriend Brad Pitt’s child, is buying a man-made version of Ethiopia, located in Dubai’s The World project.

The project consists of 300 country-shaped luxury island developments built, to form a map of the world, being sold to anyone rich enough to afford them.

The 30-year-old actress, who is due to give birth early in May, is
reportedly planning to turn her new purchase into a fair-trade paradise for
hundreds of Africans.

It seems Angelina has been obsessed with Ethiopia ever since she
adopted her second child Zahara from there.

I remember looking for the island that would mark Tunisia in “The World” project, but it seems Tunisia was too small to get an island of its own. So I’m boycotting the project and not buying any countries in it.

Update: UAE Newspapers are denying the reports. Hamza Mustafa, general manager of The World, said:

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