After the 13th Tunisian Blogger Meetup

Yesterday we had our 13th Tunisian blogger meetup in Zaghouan.
All fears that this meetup would be a failure because there was one a week before disappeared when we found that we were 18 people gathered in the meeting spot in downtown Tunis.

We drove to a caf

  • imperatorking

    yes I am the first commenter !!I am expecting the photos specially these taken in the head of moutain (not really the head).
    you can write a post about all bloggers’s proposal in this meetup and what is the technical solution fot that?

  • Marouen

    It was great and hopefully Foufa and her friend are alright.

    yes imperatorking, I think it’s a good thing to open a discussion on that issue online so other bloggers may leave comments and suggest solutions

  • imperatorking

    you are sure for wiki idea?it sounds really engineer usual behavior.
    as begining you can write a post and reviwew about important tools and(the links) for more features in blog as RSS etc.

  • Karim

    Thnks guys We made it despite all difficulties , that was a lot of fun to have in Zaghouan, we can get back anytime you want !

  • L`3p0uVAnt4BL3 3Pouv4nT4iL

    It was very nice moment, specially on the top on the montain round the “z

  • http://www.tarek-cheniti.blogspot Tarek

    nchallah billotf for our friends who had a car crash. The most important thing is that they are safe, the car can be repaired.

  • Hannibal

    alhamdoullah el jma3a labes.

  • exblonde


  • Napo

    Glad all is ok with the folks who had an accident.
    other than that, i look forward to seeing the agreed upon agenda implemented.

    These meetups are a great social thing, yet committment to moving forward the blogsphere is even better….i.e. can the aggregator have a different meaning, serve a different purpose other than just being list of who blogs?

    they were my 2 cents.

  • Marouen

    napo, any ideas ?
    I have some suggestions but I’ll leave it for a future post

  • Napo

    Yes i do

    i.e. we can establish a DB of bloggers’s talent/skills and have them match up against those who seek those talent. samples could range from hints and tips for building websites, to job placement overseas and in-house, to general counselling, history, to trip planning (which u already do with success), etc…, since i’ve been on blogs, especially tunisian ones (i care less abt the others) i’ve seen extrememly talented people..that not only i’m proud of, but also eager to learn from and help as well.

    the bottom line is to go above and beyond just meeting and talking…one should get something meaningfull out of this.

    anyhow, it’s my perspective, and i would love to hear others. however if there is consensus that the purpose of the blogsphere is just to chill out and explore some mountains from time to time…then be it, that sounds good too.

  • swifty

    This meetup was the occasion for me to see a subzero who is exactly the same I imaginated from its blog: a dynamic & funny person :-) ,so I’m not surprised that you was the person who launches blog meetup in tunisia !

    Napo, your idea is great,but I think that in last blog meeting bloggers hadn’t take enough time to think about action plan and its schedule.Why not a forum to discuss such ideas constantly or as someone suggest in last meetup a blog for bloggers?