The World Gets 102 More Billionaires

As some of us have barely been breaking even since last year, 102 more people around the world have become billionaires. And I’m not one of them, yet!

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is still perched atop the Forbes list with a net worth of 50 billion dollars. That’s up three and a-half billion or so from last year. He’s been the world’s richest person for the past 12 years.

Forbes says there are now 793 billionaires, thanks in part to emerging stock markets overseas, including Russia, India and Brazil. The Czech Republic has its first billionaire ever. China now has eight, up from just two last year.

And what are we? Peanut-aires…
Oh well, I guess we should always thank God for whatever he gives us, even if it’s just peanuts.

[Source: Forbes, MSN Money]

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