Social Networking Through Blogs

One of the things I love the most about blogs is how you get to meet so many interesting people both online and offline.

Over the past 3 years that I’ve been blogging, I’ve met so many people online through them commenting on my blog or sending me an email asking me for certain information, telling me about an interesting bit of news, informing me about an exciting new project, or just expressing their appreciation for my blog or even disappreciation; yeah I actually got one hate email from this sick racist maniac Tunisian woman in the US who is strongly anti-Arab and thinks that Tunisians are a superior race.

Some of these contacts evolve into the person commenting or emailing more frequently, and the relationship becomes more of a friendship than just a writer-reader relationship, which is something I just love.
So please keep the comments and email coming.

It’s also so cool when you get to meet some of these people offline in real life, go out for a cup of coffee or something and just talk.

This is actually one of the main reasons blogger meetups have been such a big success. In Tunisia, we’ve actually become a big group of friends who really like hanging out together and who also try to meet with or without meetups.

What’s even more amazing is when you travel to another country and you get to meet all these different people who are either readers of your blog or bloggers themselves too.

I’m convinced that blogging is really one of the best ways to meet cool and interesting people.
I’ve personally met bloggers, blog readers, journalists, photographers from all over the world through my blog, both online and offline in Tunisia, Jordan, London and Paris. And every meeting has been so great and enriching.

Viva Les Blogs…

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