Random Thoughts From Paris

Don’t they have Burger King in France?!
Shit, they don’t have Burger King in France!
It turns out there was, but this Belgian group Quick, yeah it turned out to be from Belgium, bought the whole French chain of Burger Kings some years ago.
I had dinner at a Quick last night, and it was nothing close to the Burger King experience or taste. What a shame!

Went to the nearby Virgin Megastore last night; it’s pretty unorganized compared to the ones in London. I browsed through some DVDs but got fed up of it because whenever I thought of a specific movie, I wouldn’t be able to find it because it had a totally different name in French.
What is it with the French and their totally unrelated movie title translations? They really suck!

On my way to Virgin Megastore I passed through a small alley which was full of African restaurants, especially Senegali cuisine. The smell was spread throughout the alley and it reminded me of my childhood in Zimbabwe and the smell of the food there.
It didn’t make me want to eat there, in fact, it nearly made me not want to eat anywhere, but well it was nice unearthing a few memories.

Ah, last night…
It’s either that my upstairs neighbours are a couple of horny energizer bunnies or that there’s a very friendly woman living up there, because last night there was certainly a lot of action going on with 5.1 surround sound effects and all.
Very interesting…
Note to self: Your studio is on the second floor, definitely not the third!

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