Paris, Paris…

So, here I am in Paris…
Yes, you read it right, I’m in Paris, France; The city of lights, romance, fashion and whatever else they came up with…

But wait a second, the last time I wrote I was mumbling about how the world has more billionaires now and us getting peanuts, now all of a sudden, I’m in Paris??! How did that happen?
Well, let me do a quick rewind then fast forward through the weekend.

Saturday was my birthday, yeah no big post about that this year, phone line is screwed at home, so no connection, so of course no post, plus I’m not sure I’d have posted about it anyway, I mean enough about that already. So, birthday; small gathering at our place with Eman’s parents and mine; gifts were mostly clothes.
Note to self: This is certainly a good solution to get rid of shopping, I have to either have more birthdays or more people at my birthdays.

Sunday: I woke up early, well relatively early for a weekend, got myself ready and headed to the airport in time for my flight to Paris.
I had a bad experience at the airport that I’d rather not get into now, but I made it to Paris in the end, where I’ll be spending two weeks training for my new job. So no, it’s no tourism travel, but I’ll be trying to wander around a bit and take some photos after work and on weekends.

I haven’t been to Paris for such a long time; last time I was like 10 years old or something, so yeah very long time.
This time I’m all alone, staying in a small studio the company rented in Barb

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