More Random Thoughts From Paris

I’m starting to like Paris more and more each day as I discover new places in it and get used to moving around. I don’t really feel like it’s the kind of city I could live in, but still it’s a really nice place to visit.

It’s amazing how many churches and cathedrals this city has; almost every road has a great big beautiful one sitting at its end.
It’s almost as if there was a law that was passed in the old ages saying: “Every street gets its own church, every boulevard its own cathedral, and if there isn’t enough space for one, at least throw in a nice arch!”

Last night, after work, I took Drako’s advice and went for a walk by the St. Martin Canal. Very nice place; maybe if I had more time, I’d take a book and go back to relax and read there. But time is short, and there are still many things to discover.

Why the hell do fast food restaurants here have a big scary black guy in a suit standing there staring at you? It’s quite freaky…
By the way, just to make things clear, this is not a racist comment, he’s not scary because he’s black, he’s scary because he’s a big hunk who looks like he’s so hungry from having to smell food all day long, that he’s going to eat you next.
Maybe it’s for security reasons or maybe it’s to scare people into eating quickly and leaving, I don’t know, but it’s a bit weird.

What is it with bicycle lanes here?
One moment you’re walking on the pavement in peace, and the second after, all of a sudden, that part of the pavement has turned into a bicycle lane and some guy or girl is ringing their bell at you.
It’s either there’s a bicycle lane throughout the whole length of the pavement or there isn’t. Make up your minds.

I came across a KFC yesterday. Shame I can’t eat there, though. I had to just turn around and go find somewhere else with Halal meat to eat.
Why can’t these big chains in countries that have a big number of Muslims or Jews at least have a few restaurants that provide Halal or Kosher food?

As there is no TV in the appartment I’m staying in, I’d get really bored once I got home. So a couple of days ago, as I was wandering around, I found a used CD and DVD shop, and I bought the first season of “The 4400“, which is a really cool series a friend in Tunis told me about. So every night, before going to sleep, I’ve been enjoying an episode or two of it. Very cool stuff.

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