Ave Maria, The US’ New Roman Catholic Town

Domino’s Pizza founder, Thomas S. Monaghan, aims to create a no-sin city, by the name of Ave Maria, in the US.

The pizza magnate is bankrolling the project with at least $250 million and calls it “God’s will.”

The town of Ave Maria is being constructed around Ave Maria University, the first Catholic university to be built in the United States in about 40 years. Both are set to open next year about 25 miles east of Naples in southwestern Florida.

The town and the university, developed in partnership with the Barron Collier Co., an agricultural and real estate business, will be set on 5,000 acres with a European-inspired town center, a massive church and what planners call the largest crucifix in the nation, at nearly 65 feet tall. Monaghan envisions 11,000 homes and 20,000 residents.

Monaghan said that in his community, stores will not sell pornographic magazines, pharmacies will not carry condoms or birth control pills, and cable television will have no X-rated channels.

[Source: CNN]

Civil libertarians are already threatening to sue, saying that the plan is unconstitutional.

Personally, I’m amazed at how many people are convinced they’re carrying God’s will and listening to his voice!

George Bush suddenly became a war prophet, this guy is creating his own kingdom of heaven, Pat Robertson is from a weird other planet, and this is just talking about the US.
The same can be seen all over the world, and of course we have our share of weirdos.

What’s really weird is that in the end it’s the same God, but everyone seems to be tuning in to a different broadcast!

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3 thoughts on “Ave Maria, The US’ New Roman Catholic Town”

  1. I bet you anything there will be Domino Pizza signs eeeeeverywhere. Churches smelling of Pepperoni.

    mmm. just like heaven.

  2. Ave Maria is to be a bit south of here. Some of our own local nuts are quite excited about the prospect of moving there, should it be built. God bless them, let them all move there. In fact, some of the personalities who’ve expressed an interest in this amazing idea were instrumental last year in ending the teaching of contraception to local high school kids in what passes for sex education here. (Abstinence is now taught in lieu of contraception. The kids think it’s hilarious.)

    It would be great if we who are still somewhat sane could put all the world’s crazies together on an island and throw a blockade around it–but an island probably wouldn’t be large enough. Perhaps we could first empty out Australia and put them there? It might have enough room. I suppose the Australians might object, though. (They can have Texas; most of the Texans would be going to Australia.)

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