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In our regular blogger meetups, one of the issues that always comes up is what we can do to spread blogging even more in Tunisia.

An idea that we came up with is by giving presentations about blogging in cultural, internet or youth centers.
We also thought it was important that we give such presentations in places outside the capital city where most Tunisian bloggers are from.

Last wednesday, we were able to take the first step in that direction, by holding a presentation about blogging in Zaghouan, a city that lies 55Km outside Tunis.

The presentation was held in the ISET institute in Zaghouan, in the presentation/activity room of one of the dormitories.
Around 50 students showed up, mostly girls, for the presentation, in which we tried to explain the basics of blogging, a bit of it’s history, how to go on about it, …etc.
We also gave a little overview of the Tunisian blogosphere and the community of Tunisian bloggers.

We were four bloggers (Tom, Karim, Marouen and myself) and one non-blogger Moez, who is a friend of Karim’s.

The themes we covered were:
– Introduction, definition and history of blogging: By Me.
– Blogging approaches and objectives: By Tom.
– Blogospheres and the Tunisian blogosphere in specific: By Marouen.
– Simulation of how to create a blog: By Karim.

And Moez kicked in after the presentation with his views of a non-blogger about blogging and his understanding of it all.
After that we held a little Q&A session in which we answered some questions by the students .

We think that the presentation went pretty well and got the message across. We did see a few eyes sparkle and felt some interest stirring in some of the crowd.
Hopefully, some of them will try and explore blogging even further and maybe start a blog.

After the presentation, I had the chance to talk to some of the students and some of them were already thinking of ways to use blogs to help in their studies, which I thought was great.

I would personally like to thank everyone who helped make the presentation a reality, as well as the students who showed up and listened to us, and of course my fellow bloggers who believed in the importance of this presentation and came. Last but not least, a big thanks to Moez who was so generous to drive us to Zaghouan and back and added a valuable non-blogger insight to the presentation.

Hopefully we’ll get to do this again soon in other places around Tunisia.

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