No To Violent Response Over Danish Cartoons!

Yesterday, the embassies of Denmark and Norway in Syria were attacked by demonstrators and torched.

Today, demonstrators in Lebanon set the Danish consulate in Beirut on fire too.

From the very start, Muslim religious leaders and clerics have been going on and on about this and telling people not to react violently to these cartoons. And from the video footage of the attacks on the Danish consulate in Beirut, we can see a number of religious leaders trying to stop the people from what they’re doing, trying to stand in their way and make them leave.
And all Arab TV channel have been showing a number of Islamic leaders or Imams condemning these actions and attacks against these embassies and consulates.

I too would like to strongly condemn these attacks and say that they are totally unacceptable. Violence is never a solution to anything. It just complicates things more and adds fuel to the fire.
This is not the way Islam, our religion of peace, tells us to respond!
These violent reactions harm our religion more than the cartoons or any disrespect the west could show!
This has to stop!

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