CNNi Redesigns, Goes Clean

CNN International has launched a major overhaul of its on-screen presentation on February 5 in a move described as a “radical move away from the cluttered screens and heavy graphics that currently prevail in today’s rolling news and business networks.”

The network’s logo was repositioned to the left, network identity spots and music were revamped, fonts in the lower-third bars were changed, and full-screen information graphics got a new look. The colour scheme used on CNNI also underwent a revamp, with the channel adapting the internationally-recognised “alert” colour, yellow, for breaking news graphics.

The news ticker, which has run at the bottom of CNNI’s screen since September 11, 2001, was replaced with a new information bar that displays one complete sentence or story at a time.

Design firm Kemistry is behind the changes and says it cut back the font graphics to the length of words and sentences so that

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3 thoughts on “CNNi Redesigns, Goes Clean”

  1. I don’t know if everyone should follow that format. Every television news network should have its own distinct style. I also appreciate the minimalistic and stripped down approach to CNNi’s on-screen presentation. Other news networks seem to have a minimalistic and stripped down approach to the actual news. Which is not very helpful.

  2. Saad, of course, I didn’t mean that they should copy the same design CNN use, I meant follow them in the minimalistic approach and develop their own designs.

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