Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Last night while zapping through satellite TV channels, I came across this scene in a movie with Dick Van Dyke and Benny Hill.
My wife and I automatically detected it and knew it was from a movie that was a big favourite for both of us in our childhoods: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

It’s a movie we’ve both seen tens, if not hundreds, of times as kids, and it brought back a flood of sweet childhood memories.
We remembered the bits we loved, the bits that bored us and the bits that scared us with that damn childcatcher lollypop man.

I remember when I came to Tunisia, and none of the other kids in the family had seen it, I’d always keep taking the video tape of it around with me showing it to them, until it got lost in my aunt’s house at the end.
I hated her and her son for a long time after that because of it 😛

I’m not sure if a movie like this one would work for today’s generation of kids, but for us it was one of the coolest movies around and we greatly enjoyed it.

The story was cool, the songs were great and the acting was good; It was one of the best kid movies of its time.

I guess it’ll live forever in our memories and in the inner child of everyone of us who experienced it.

Long Live Chitty Chitty Bang Bang…

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