No To Spam!

No, I don’t want to buy any Viagra, Cialis, Xanax or whatever other bullshit you’re selling! Maybe in 50 years, I’ll give it a thought, but now, I’m fine!

No, I don’t need any of your organ enhancement or enlargement products! I’m happy with all my organs the way they are now!

No, I’m not interested in getting the lowest mortgage rates in the USA! Firstly because I’m not a US citizen, and secondly because I don’t have anything to mortgage!

No, I don’t believe that your stupid rip-off money making scheme will make me rich quick! It’ll get me screwed quicker and get you rich instead!

No, I don’t believe your dead ex-president dictator husband or father left you a fortune in some bank that only I can get out for you! And even if he did, I’d rather you died too unable to touch a penny of it!

No, I haven’t won in your inexisting dumbass lottery program, so keep your hundreds of thousands of dollars to yourself, and stuff them where the sun don’t shine!

No, I don’t understand Mandarin! So please don’t send me your Chinese spam too, I have enough English spam to cover a lifetime!

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