Konami’s Penguin Adventure

Penguin AdventureI spent a big part of this past weekend playing Pro Evolution Soccer 5 on Playstation 2, which is a really cool game, although I think I’ve worn out my beginner’s luck in it now, and it seems that the more I play, the worse I’m getting at it.

Anyway, PES5 was developed by a company called Konami, and well the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the name Konami is this game they developed back in 1986 which was called “Penguin Adventure“.
The story of the game follows Pentarou, a cute penguin who has to go on a quest to bring home a golden apple in order to cure Penko Hime (the Penguin Princess).

The game was for the MSX computer platform, and it must’ve been one of the best and most popular games of its time. It was a sequel for an arcade game by the name of “Antartic Adventure“.
I remember endless days playing that game with my sister and cousin. It was so much fun and so cool at the time.

The graphics were great (by 1986 standards) and the gameplay, depth and variety were really good.

I think it is certainly one of the games that could be revived today, especially on mobile phones.

That penguin is a legend that will live in my memory and the memories of many others forever, representing a beautiful time in our lives, when I guess we too thought life was just a quest to find some golden apple.

I don’t think we were too far from the truth anyway, as everyone of us has his own golden apple waiting for him at the end of one of life’s roads.

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