King Kong

King KongLast night, I finally got to watch the new King Kong movie, by Peter Jackson, featuring Naomi Watts, Jack Black and Adrien Brody.

I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews about this movie, some though it was a great movie, and some didn’t like it saying that the only good thing in it was the special effects.

Personally, I really liked the movie and enjoyed it. It was a bit long, but who cares when it’s good. The special effects were amazing, some of the best I’ve ever seen on film.
As for the story, well I disagree with the people who thought it was weak. It’s just a simple, straightforward and clear story with a very obvious meaning, and it was told pretty well.

I didn’t see the original, ok I know that it may seem absurd to some of you that I haven’t seen a classic like that one, but I just didn’t, so I can’t compare. But it’s quite understandable that some people think the old movie is better than the new one, it’s always like that, it’s just like reading a book then watching the movie, the movie never meets your expectations even if it’s really great.

Anyway, to end it all, I really liked the movie and I do recommend watching it for movie lovers.

My score for it is: 8/10.

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