Just Not My Day!

You know those days when the only thing missing is to have a big red sign bouncing in front of you telling you in capital letters that “This is a shitty day!”?
Well today is one of those days…

I had to wake up early to go for this “thing” in downtown Tunis, and it turned out a complete waste of time. Blah blah blah… Ah shutup already!

Then I had to go pay my car insurance. I’m with Star Assurances, and my contract was done at this small branch in La Marsa, next to my parents’ place. I used to give my dad the money to pay it for me as it’s just across the street from their place, but this year, they closed that branch and merged it with a bigger one in the beginning of La Marsa.

Anyway, I was driving to La Marsa, minding my own business, not really speeding, or at least it didn’t feel like I was, especially at this place between Ain Zaghouan and Carrefour where the road is really wide and is made up of 4 or 5 lanes. Obviously the cops didn’t share my opinion, and they picked me up on their radar, waved me to the side, took away my driving license and gave me a speeding ticket!!!
They say the speed limit is 70Km/h there. What is it with these illogical speed limits we have sometimes? This specific place should at least have a 90 Km/h speed limit.

However, as if that wasn’t enough, I drove on to La Marsa and didn’t find the damn insurance company branch!
I know where it is, and I go exactly there, but nope, the sign is gone and nothing says where they went.
I ask their ex-neighbours and each one points me to a different direction. I drive all around La Marsa looking for them, and nothing!
I call the main branch on the phone, an answering machine tells me to hang on until someone replies, but no one does!!!

This is so damn unprofessional!!
You shut a branch, merge it with another branch, then shut that branch and move to somewhere else, and I, the paying client, am not notified about any of all this. All I get is a reminder that I have to pay!
I mean, it’s not enough that insurance is the biggest scam mankind ever created and that I personally believe it’s 100% legal theft, I also have to deal with all this unprofessionalism! Please!

So, after cursing the hell out of the world, I just go home in the shittiest mood.
I mean, basically, today on a weekend, I woke up early to go out, get a speeding ticket and then come back with a bad mood. Very nice!!

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