Japanese Editions

How come the Japanese always get all these best special edition collector pack gold platinum whatever music album releases, with a bunch load of extra unreleased tracks, live recordings, exclusive photos, videos, cooler cover art, 100 page booklets featuring lyrics, photos, biographies and what not, …etc. ?!!

This is something that has always pissed me off.
It’s like the whole world gets this one shitty edition of the album while they get a perfect cool one.

And it doesn’t stop there, they also get the best music DVDs with extra features, exclusive star interviews, backstage footage, different camera angles and another fat booklet.

Plus all the stars love jumping over to Japan for live concerts, in-store performances, public appearances and this or that!

Why, why, why do they get all the cool stuff while we get second rate shit?!
Why do I have to be Japanese to enjoy some good material from my favourite music artists?
It’s so unfair…

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