Bloggies 2006 Nominations

The 2006 Bloggie Awards have started and they’re accepting nominations.

So please pass by their site and nominate my blog 🙂
You can choose to nominate it for whatever category you want, but the main categories I’m aiming for are: Best African or Middle Eastern weblog, Best tagline of a weblog and maybe Weblog of the year :P.
So please nominate me there at least.

Here’s the link: 2006 Bloggies.

The name of this blog is: Subzero Blue
and the address of course is:
The blog tagline is: Echoing the voices inside my head…

For the past 2 years, my blog was a finalist for “Best African or Middle Eastern weblog”. So maybe this year with your help, I could win it.

Thanks a bunch in advance…
I’m counting on you guys 🙂

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