Secret Smile – Nicci French

I just finished reading “Secret Smile” by Nicci French, which is a really good psychological thriller.

To not risk giving the story away, I’ll just give you what is written on the back of the book, that caught me and made me buy the book in the first place.

When Miranda Cotton returns from work to find her new boyfriend, Brendan, reading her diary, she ends the relationship and throws him out of her flat.

Getting Brendan out of her life, however, is not so easy. Two weeks later her sister, Kerry, phones her in ecstasy. She’s in love. She has a new boyfriend. He’s called Brendan…

So Brendan is back in Miranda’s life – with a vengeance. But why has he done this? And what does he want from her?

Soon, what began as an embarrassment becomes like an infestation – and then more terrifying than her worst nightmares.

The book sucks you into the story and throws you into the confusion and suspense the story creates.

I really enjoyed reading this book and think it’s totally movie material. Actually, the way it’s written, it reads out like a movie.
I’m quite sure a movie based on this story would do very well at the box office.

I recommend this book to everyone into thrillers and suspense.
My score for it is: 7.5/10

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