Performancing for Firefox

I’m writing this post in a new tool called Performancing for Firefox, which is a full featured cross platform blog editor that sits right within Firefox.

It plugs into Firefox like any other extension, is configured easily to have access to your blogs and gets you going in a few seconds.
You push F8 and you get a frame inside the browser with the editor, your blog categories, your latest blog entries and your saved notes.
It seems like a very efficient and quick way to blog, that I’ll be playing around with further.

I think it’s cool that we’re seeing a whole range of applications that can be plugged into browsers to make user’s online experiences easier, more practical and efficient. It only makes sense after all that everything we do on the internet can be done through the same window.

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Mohamed Marwen Meddah is a web development director, amateur photographer and web enthusiast from Tunisia, currently living in Canada.

2 thoughts on “Performancing for Firefox”

  1. I recall reading your previous post on Flock. Have you given it a try recently? How would you compare and contrast what you like about Perf and Flock’s blog editor?

    Thank you,

  2. Hi Lloyd,

    I hadn’t recently tested the Flock blog editor, anyway I just did to be able to reply to your comment.

    I actually like how the Flock editor opens on it’s own and not as a frame because that kind of bugs me a bit.

    Other than that, I think both editors are quite alike with each one being a bit more user friendly in a certain point.

    One thing I noticed with the Flock editor is that when it published my entry the category I checked didn’t get passed to MT. With Perf it was but didn’t get published.

    The flickr integration in Flock is something cool that Perf doesn’t have though.

    This are my first impressions. I’ll test both tools further and if you want, I can get back to you with more feedback later.

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