New Year Resolutions 2006

Two days to go before this year is over and we embark on a new voyage through a new year, that we usually wish will be a lot better than the one we’re currently in.

As usual, most people are thinking of another set of new year resolutions, that they won’t be able to accomplish again, just like the ones from last year and the year before.

I guess I’m no different from all those people; I barely got any of my 2004 or 2005 resolutions done, but still I’m thinking of some resolutions for 2006.

In the end, the theme of the year 2006 for me, I guess, will be “Planning for the future”, in a sense that I’ll be doing my best to define where I want to be in the future in every certain area of my life, and taking the necessary initial steps to get there.

I won’t bother to list a set of resolutions this year because I’m starting to think that whenever I do that, those goals become sort of unreachable because of the unreachable nature of new year resolutions in general.

So, this new year, I want it to be less talk, more action. And good luck to us all.

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