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Going around London feels like one big game of monopoly.
All the streets, squares and stations that you’ve gone through and bought while playing the board game are there, only this time it’s in the real world and you’re walking through them, discovering them, bonding with them.

There’s so much to see in London, and you get this feeling of not wanting to miss any single bit of it, and we’re doing our very best not to.
I’m sure that in these past 5 days in London, I’ve personally walked more than I have in the past 5 years of my life.

We’ve been all around London, visiting its landmarks and attractions, walking in its breathtaking parks, discovering its streets, taking photos of every corner and doing every single thing possible in this amazing city.
We’ve done so much in so little time that I feel that I’ve been here for ages.
It’s amazingly easy to get around and get by in this city, and so much fun too.

I’ll be writing in more detail about all the places we’ve been too and all the great stuff we’ve seen.
Till then, I’ll leave you and go back to enjoy this beautiful city that I’ve totally fallen in love with.

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