Lebanese MP and Journalist Gebran Tueni Killed

A car bomb explosion killed anti-Syrian member of parliament and journalist Gebran Tueni in Beirut today.

Tueni is Publisher, Chairman of the Board, General Manager and Editorialist of the Arabic An-Nahar newspaper in Lebanon.

Three other people also died and 10 were wounded in the explosion that blew up Tueni’s armoured SUV car as it was driving in the Mekalis area of mainly Christian east Beirut.

Lebanon has been rocked by a series of bombings and assassinations since the killing of the former Prime Minister, Rafik al-Hariri, on February 14th.
May Shidyak is another journalist who was a victim of one of these bombings a few months ago.

These attacks are totally unacceptable and should be stopped. The truth about who is behind them should be found out and the one’s responsible held accountable and punished.

[More: Reuters]
[Via: Sabbah]

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