Global Voices 2005 London Summit

So, I’m back to Tunisia after a wonderful week in London, that I’ll be getting into further detail about later. This post is about the Global Voices 2005 London Summit that I was there to attend and how it went.

First of all, it was great meeting all the really interesting bloggers from all over the world who were there for the summit. It was such a pleasure and so much fun getting to know them all and talking about our local blogospheres among a bunch of other issues.

As for the summit itself, it was really exciting and many interesting points were raised that are open to an ongoing conversation that will continue after the summit.

The main points that got me thinking and that I will be posting about individually soon, are:

– Bloggers vs. Mainstream media
– Bloggers complementing mainstream media
– Global Voices, what next?
– Projects around Global Voices
– What makes a successful blogosphere

These are all very big and general issues that we could go on forever talking about and discussing. Anyway it’s good that they were all opened for us all to think about and talk about further through our blogs, on irc and when we get to meet.

I’d personally like to thank everyone involved with the organization of the event, who did a great job; Reuters for being a very generous host; and all the people who took the time out from their busy everyday lives to come to London and make it a success.

For more details about the summit, here are some interesting links:

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