7 Things to do with your Blog when you are on vacation

What should I do with my Blog when I go take a vacation?

That is a question I always find myself asking whenever I’m about to leave on a break, and up to now, the only way I’ve answered it is by telling myself I’d do my best to get online as often as possible to post on it. But that doesn’t always work out like I want it to. My last trip to London being a good example, with only 2 or 3 posts in that whole week.

Darren asks the same question over at problogger and comes up with the following 7 interesting options, some of which I’ll be considering the next time I’m about to go on a break.

1. Give your Blog and Readers a Vacation
2. Advance Posts
3. Retrospective Series (Run some older posts)
4. Guest Blogger(s)
5. Guest Posts/Series
6. Blog from the Road
7. Open Mike posts (Readers invited to post about certain topic)

The ones I think I’d be more interested in exploring are having a guest blogger take over for a while and programming some advance posts.

For more detail about the pros and cons of each one of these options, check out the original post at problogger here.

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