Last night I watched Stealth, an action, adventure thriller, as they call it, featuring Jessica Biel, Jamie Foxx and Josh Lucas.

The movie turned out better than I expected. The trailer actually doesn’t do it justice.

I really liked the flight scenes, they were very well shot, and the fighter jets looked awesome in action. The explosions looked cool too.
The characters were pretty well developed for an action movie, which is good for a change.

Other than that, the story isn’t something that extraordinary, revolving around three pilots and a renegade AI driven fighter jet.

The movie was directed by Rob Cohen, the guy behind ‘XXX’ and ‘The Fast and the Furious’. I personally think this is his best movie so far.

My rating for this movie would be: 6/10.

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5 thoughts on “Stealth”

  1. i think it was horrible, how they portrayed ai. Like with many other films, who have some ai in them, this one presents ai as something that immitates humans, just more stubborn! The story wasn’t nearly fullfilling..

    sorry, but i thought this film was rather boring.

  2. Ok maybe it doesn’t deserve the 6/10 I gave it. I guess I gave it that rating because I love flying and I really liked the flight scenes.
    But as I said the story is a weak one.

    Still, compared to the crappy ‘XXX’ and ‘Fast and the Furious’, I think this could be looked at as relatively good 😛

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