Sami Yusuf – Hasbi Rabbi

Today while flipping through Arab satellite music channels I came across Sami Yusuf’s video for his new song “Hasbi Rabbi”.

The song is so beautiful, the music, the lyrics, Sami’s voice, the video, all of it…

The lyrics are in 4 languages: English, Turkish, Hindi and Arabic; The melody is from the Afghani folklore; and the video is shot in England, Turkey, India and Egypt.
Hindi lyrics are by Ustadh Mehboob, Turkish lyrics by Ustadh Firooz, and Arabic & English lyrics by Bara Kherigi.

It’s one of Sami’s best songs, and I can’t wait to hear it again and to get his new album “My Ummah”.

To listen to an audio sample of the song, click here: Hasbi Rabbi.
To buy Sami Yusuf’s new album, go here: My Ummah.

Here are the song’s lyrics:

Hasbi Rabbi

O Allah the Almighty
Protect me and guide me
To your love and mercy
Ya Allah don

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